My work starts as an observational line drawing which
is then repeatedly abstracted until it evolves into
designs for jewellery. Linear land and seascapes are
the inspiration behind much of my work along with
diverse visual references collected in my sketchbooks.

The silver pieces are fused and soldered sterling silver
which is oxidized and polished. The enamel pieces use
the process of champlevé. This involves enamelling
over engraved silver. The engraving produces a light
reflective surface which allows light to reflect through
transparent coloured enamel. The enamel is fired onto
the surface of the piece and then the surface is ground
back to the level of the surrounding metal. The enamel
is built up in fine layers each fired separately.
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    I graduated on the wood, metal, plastics and ceramics course at Brighton University. I teach jewellery and enamelling at Sussex Downs College Eastbourne and at my studio in Seaford, East Sussex. CONTACT          
    email: amandazoe@talktalk.net  
    tel: 01323 873313