Franziska Wieser

Born in Austria by a lake in the ‘sound of music’ area it
was from my mother and grandmother I learned many
crafts and who influenced me to work creatively in
embroidery and sewing. In 1982 I moved to the UK and
a wedding present introduced me to patchwork. I
started to
design my own quilts and my designs where inspired by
anything in my surroundings and history. I have
exhibited my quilts at shows in the Gardner arts Centre
and Brighton University. In 1993 I undertook an art
foundation course and finished with my degree in 1998
where I was introduced to modernism and minimalism
and I experimented in many found objects. Recently
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    I have returned to textiles again and I started spinning
and weaving. I love to work with the different wool
textures and colours. I am now developing different
patterns in my scarves, which are derived from the
Austrian cable knitting.
    email: wieser.f.03@gmail.com  
    tel: 01323 381280