Phil Washington

Painting in oils is something I'd always wanted to try,
and retirement in 2014 from a career in Graphic Design
gave me that opportunity. I loved the fresh challenge
of a paintbrush on canvas, rather than a computer
mouse on screen. Initially I experimented with a variety
of techniques and styles, but am slowly developing my
own unique style. Living in Lewes brings an abundance
of inspiration, with its quirky cottages, ancient castle,
rolling downs and colourful inhabitants. There's never a
shortage of subjects to paint. With my illustrative style
there are 'stories' going on within each scene.
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    Each one a portal into the world of the painting,limited
only by the imagination of the viewer. Every new
paintingbrings growth in confidence and skill. Learning
to paint in oils is a real journey of discovery, which I'm
enjoying immensely. Art abounds in Lewes, and I'm
pleased, at last, to be a part of it.
    email: philwashingtonart@outlook.com  
    facebook: @philwashingtonart