Shona Macdonald
Shona is a practising artist and illustrator living in West
Recently she has been working primarily with
papercutting, poetry, watercolour and etching. Her
illustrative style explores the interconnectedness of our
human experience within the natural world, a theme
echoed in the working method of papercutting; each
piece cut from one sheet, the delicate bonds of the
paper holding each element together as one. She
often uses the sea or imagery of water within her
compositions, evocative of the ever changing
experience of life, along with snippets of text.
Shona is a resident artist at Worthing Art Studios,
and is currently working on an illustrated short story.
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    She studied Fine Art at Middlesex University and
Chelsea College of Art and has worked as an art
director, storyboard artist and freelance illustrator.
    email: shona@nubz.com  
    web: http://shona.gallery/  
    telephone: 07807 980651