Geoff Pittman

Geoff creates hand-thrown stoneware pottery for
both oven-to-tableware and ornamental use. He
specialised in ceramics and sculpture at
Bournemouth College of Art in the 1960s and
was offered an apprentiship at the famous
Leach Pottery at St Ives. Instead, Geoff followed
other paths starting in the film industry and
eventually returned to pottery thirteen years ago
when approaching his retirement. The style of
his work is in the “Leach” tradition and he is
influenced by the aims of the Arts and Crafts
Movement which is to create things that are
both useful and beautiful.

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He has recently started making bird baths and is
currently experimenting with a series of exciting
designs and decoration.
Geoff works from his garden studio where he
also provides tuition and facilities to others that
aspire to be budding potters, or just want to
have a go. Sessions are relaxed and friendly
and are great for special days or celebrations.

The craft is in the making; The art is making it

    email: geoffpittman12@gmail.com