Jan Mnich

Jan has been working as an artist for the last 35 years.
Her paintings are mainly watercolour and mixed
media. Watercolour allows her the flexibility to build up
layers and achieve a variety of different effects. Colour
atmosphere is an important feature of her work. In
2000, Jan exhibited “Purple Flower” at The Royal
Watercolour Society in London. Since then she has
exhibited in many galleries and other venues
throughout southern England. In Brighton Festival Artists
Open Houses, Jan opened her own home as “Mnich’s
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    Most of her inspirations come from landscape,
architecture and her travels; the light in the
Mediterranean, places such as Turkey and North Africa
often feature in her pictures and landscapes of the
south of England often depicting the South Downs,
coastal cliffs and the changing qualities of water.
    email: jan.mnich@icloud.com  
    web: www.janmnichart.co.uk  
    tel: 07981 028456