Mo Jackson

Mo was born in Darlington, Co Durham, UK.
My mother taught me to sew, my grandmother taught
me to knit and crochet and my father taught me the
joy that creating things with your own hands can
bring.After leaving Brighton Art College I became
a graphic designer/ illustrator. After 25 years in the
business, I felt it was time to leave the
computer behind and get back to a more hands on
approach to my creativity that I've always loved.
Some time ago I inherited a large bag of merino wool
fibres. Not one to waste time, I set about teaching
myself the art of felt making.
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    The feel of it and the way the colours blend together
reminds me of painting with watercolors. It can be
tricky and unpredictable, but exciting and fascinating
My art and creations are always full of colour and
texture because that’s what excites and inspires me
the most.
I now teach felt making to others, passing on
my skill and techniques so they too can
experience the joy of working with this wonderful
material.wonderful material.
    email: mojackson27@hotmail.com  
    web: mofeltart.weebly.com