Alain Guy
Alain is a local artist and has exhibited for many years in
Sussex. His work can be found both in Britain and
abroad. His interest is human psychology within the creative
process. He feels that creativity should be seen as
limitless and constantly in development. His
understanding is that nothing in life remains the same.
As we grow and learn we change and so does his art
work for it is an extension of himself. The art work
therefore varies in
subjects, shapes and colours, however the author
can be found in the essence of the finished piece.
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    Alain’s creations are mostly all imaginary no models are
used , even in his figurative work, either sculptures
or paintings. He describes his work as being an organic
process where shapes and form evolve out of the
materials he uses.
    email: guy.alain@ymail.com  
    web:  www.alainguy.co.uk