Polly Finch (Polly Paper Cuts)
I was ten when my grandmother gave me some
Chinese papercut horses – beautifully delicate designs
cut from fragile rice paper. Amazingly, I have them still
and in one way they could be credited as being the
inspiration for my pr esent work.
I've been fascinated by paper since childhood; when
my '70s collection of Snoopy stickers gradually amassed
to a huge stock of all things paper – origami,
handmade papers, notebooks, wrapping paper. I love
everything about paper – the feel of it, the huge
variety of textures and colours – the boundless
potential of the medium – and so far I feel that I'm only
just scratching the very surface.
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    Each papercut begins from an idea of a narrative.
Influences come from all around me – things I see and
hear, books and TV. My ske tchbook is a constant
companion – filled with doodled ideas, sketches,
words and phrases.
    email: pollypapercuts@gmail.com  
    web: www.pollypapercuts.co.uk