Amanda Duke

Amanda studied Fine Art BA (Hons) at Goldsmiths
College. She has been teaching Art for many years
in local secondary schools and is now managing her
part time teaching with making her own work.

Amanda works instinctively and in response to her
surroundings. She usually works with paper, cotton
and silk fabrics, natural dyes and stitch, print
based media and collage. Inspired by the collage’s
of Kurt Schwitters, the Spirit Cloths of Jude Hill
and embroideries of Junko Oki, this gives clues
about Amanda’s interest in abstract experimentation
and her delight in mapping the visual elements.

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    She is currently completing a residency at Sussex Prairie
Garden near Henfield Amanda is exploring natural
dye processes. Capturing the very essence of the
plants, the impressions left through the changing
seasons, the warmth and light of the summer sun,
and the fleeting moments caught through stitch
print and collage in an attempt to re-create a
sense of the prairie.
    email: agduke@hotmail.co.uk