Campoli and Nelson

The partnership of Campoli & Nelson began in 2003,
but came into its own when Joe moved to the UK
permanently in 2006. Joe Campoli fuses multiple layers
of glass with embedded metals and minerals with
accents of dichroic (metallised) glass. His pieces may
many firings over many days to reach the desired
shapes and colours. Joe's work is distinguished by the
way he allows the results of kiln firing to show through,
leaving the naturally formed edges and surfaces to
glimmer in the light. He doesn't grind and polish them
away into the predictable glass of the department

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    His work has a unique magical quality all of its own.
Philip Nelson's silver work is chunky, often strongly
geometric. He starts with a main idea, however the continuous process of forging, heating, and annealing
the silver can produce forms, textures and colours, that suggest to him different ideas along the way. This leads
a choice of outcomes far removed from the original.
When using Joe's glass, he pays full attention to setting
it off to full advantage. On occasion he uses
contrasting accents of ebony, oxidation and gold.
    email: campolinelson@aol.com  
    web: www.campolinelson.com  
    tel: 01273 227538