Margaret Betts

Having a passion for both painting and printmaking, in
recent years I have developed a way of working with
abstraction using patterns, light and colour which
naturally occur in my local environment. My objective, using watercolour, non-toxic etching and collagraph,
is to encourage a personal response to the image.
Living on the South Downs and close by the sea, I love
the ebb and flow of the landscape and am
fascinated by the patterns found in trees and the
movement of water. Using these forms as a starting
point, my watercolour technique uses layers of
transparent wash and reserved white paper to create
an abstraction and thus a contemporary image.
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    My printmaking has also developed this way of
working with a series of etchings reflecting the
movements on the surface of water especially on the
shoreline. Other natural stimuli can also be seen in my
collagraphs which give a more painterly
interpretation of the subject. These three processes are
interrelated in the development of my work;
one starting point often being interpreted in more than
one medium.
    email: betts.margaret20@gmail.com  
    web: www.margaretmcgregorbettsartist.com  
    tel: 01273 305396