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Events In 2006 Phil Duncan invited a group of artists and craftspeople he had met at Open House exhibitions to
exhibit and sell work at the Old Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton.
Later that year he invited them to take part in his own Open House as part of Lewes Artwave which went on to win
the Best Venue prize that year.

The Sussex Arts Collective was born. In subsequent years it has enabled reputable established and emerging
artists and craftspeople to show their work in quality exhibitions from which benifical contacts have been created.

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    Supporting and getting involved with our local artists and craftspeople.

  • You can join our ever growing mailing list using our Sign Me Up! online form.
  • We will inform you by email about news and events involving our Members and Associated Members.
  • You will also receive invitations to our exhibitions and private view events.

Become a MEMBER

If you work or live in either East or West Sussex and you have a body of art/craftwork you want
to promote you can become a MEMBER

For a £45 annual fee you will receive:
  • An entry in the Directory which will provide you space on our website to show examples
    of your work, contact details, web links and space for a 150-200 word statement.
  • An opportunity to be selected for 'Collective' exhibitions. (See Exhibiting as a Member below).
  • You will also be added to our database and notified of future exhibiting opportunities.
    Simply fill in the Sign Me Up! online form and we will contact you.


If you organise exhibitions, curate creative events, teach or promote the arts you can become

For a £45 annual fee you will receive:
  • Your logo or preferred image will be positioned on the 'Homepage' with a link to your own website.(2)
  • Simply fill in the Sign Me Up! online form and we will contact you.

Exhibiting as a MEMBER

At the moment the 'Collective' exhibits as a group twice a year at prominent galleries in Sussex.
  • Exhibitors are selected from Members. (An additional payment will be due for each exhibition to cover costs).
  • Ultimately, exhibitors are selected on a show by show basis to complement each other, providing a balance
    and vibrancy that visitors will enjoy. There is no formal process.
Guidelines for Members and Associated Members

We welcome work in any genre or style.
The criteria is simple, the artwork must:
Be designed and made by the artist/craftsperson.
Must be form part of a coherent body of work in one media or approach.
Show artistic endeavour and ambition.
Be finished, mounted or framed to a high standard.
Typically use colour, shape, form, pattern, texture in inventive and original ways.
Positively reflect the quality associated with such a strong artistic community found in one such as ours.

(1). Members and Associated Members will pay an annual subscription which will be due for renewal one year
from the date of the first invoice. The current annual non-descertionary subscription is £45 but may
increase or decrease at the date of renewal. Current membership renewal is £20 (November 2019).
(2). One entry per event. Each entry provides space for an image, a brief description of the event, dates,
time and web links.
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